About Kilted Life

About Kilted Life
I'm Shahbaz Hussain specialized in Kilts since 2014. I joined the kilts industry as a supervisor in a kilts company. After being a supervisor for 6 years in the company, I started my own kilts manufacturing factory in 2018. Now in 2023, I've launched an international brand Kilted Life.

Kilted Life has built an unmistakable reputation for manufacturing and selling hand-sewn kilts. the main difference between us and cheap mass-produced units. Ordering from Kilted Life means you receive the made-to-measure kilt direct from the manufacturer, with no agent, and no middleman between tailor and buyer, your specific requirements are passed directly to the Kilted Life/seamstress. With plenty of timeless appeal and versatility, the Kilted Life has always been adaptable and inspirational. The kilt look is timeless; you can make a bold fashion statement and a smart investment at the same time. So when you're in the mood for a fashion statement, do it in a signature outfit from kiltedlife.com. All of our kilts are manufactured by us in our manufactory with great care using the highest processing standards. Choose from our range of quality modern kilts, utility kilts, Scottish kilts, fashion kilts, camouflage kilts, camouflage military kilts, hybrid kilts, leather kilts, sports kilts, traditional kilts, and mocker kilts. We use high-quality cotton, tartan, camo, and leather. In our utility kilts, tartan kilts, and leather kilts.

Kilted Life has a wide range of Scottish kilt sporrans for sale. Choose from our wide range of day, leather, semi-formal, and formal kilt sporrans.
Kilted Life is thrilled to provide a number of kilt jackets to match all outfits. From Argyll Jackets to Prince Charlie Jackets, there's something to match everyone. Prince Charlie Jackets are the maximum conventional formal kilt jackets and include satin lapels and tails.

Contact And Address

Sahonti, PO Kachi Mani

51310 Sialkot,
Punjab, Pakistan